Our resident community


Light Works Studios [website] [email]

Lightworks Studios are filmmakers who create thoughtful and innovative videos through respectful engagement with diverse communities.

Office 1 [college]


And Also Presents [website] [email]

And Also Presents develops and supports creative and social equity projects led by female, gender non-conforming and non-binary makers and doers.

Office 2 [college]


Little Projector Company  [website] [email]

Little Projector Company are mobile projection specialists who create projection story telling with a community focus.

Office 3 [college]


(((ex ponto))) [website] [email]

(((ex ponto))) is a creative studio exploring the insoluble intimacy between music, light and the moving image. Directed by multi-disciplinary artist Ivan Masic, we produce work in a diverse range of creative fields, including commercial video content, experimental installation, music videos, live projection and photography.

Office 3 [college]


Office 4 [college]

Lemony S Puppet Theatre  [website] [email]

Lemony S Puppet Theatre is a small, award-winning independent theatre company with a big reputation. With puppetry at the core of their work, they make work for both adult audience and children alike.


Office 4 [college]

Mary Ellen Jordan [email]

Mary Ellen Jordan is a writer and editor, currently working on a creative writing PhD exploring feminism and motherhood. 


Shogun Lodge Services [website] [email]

 Marcus Cook provides tech solutions for artists and their events.

Office 5 [college]


U3A Moreland [website] [email]

U3A are a self-funded, voluntary organisation formed to provide learning opportunities to members aged 50 plus who are retired or not working full-time.

Office 6 [college]


Office 7 [college]

The Elephant in our Room [website]

Elephant In Our Room works with applying creative conflict transformation techniques as a means to navigate difficult conversations in contemporary work environments. Siew Fang Law and Richard Barber have initiated this project to provide workshops, research, and partnerships to support improving workplace cultures.


Pollen Studio [website] [email]

Pollen is an award winning Landscape Architecture studio with a mission to empower communities to connect with and love their environment.

Studio 1 [college]


Social Education Victoria [website]

SEV (Social Education Victoria) is a professional association established in 1970 for all who are interested in teaching about society and environment using integrated approaches to Social Education course content.

Studio 2 [college]


Studio 3 [college]

Justin Lehmann Studio [website] [email]

Justin Lehmann Studio teaches authentic Meisner Repetition and is passionate about the development of the actor as a truthful instrument.


Studio 4 [college]

Site Studio [email]

Student and graduate driven research and experimental design practice.


AMCD [website] [email]

Andrew Clapham Design focuses on art direction, web design, branding, identity development, exhibition, print and strategic design.

Studio 4 [college]


These Are The Projects We Do Together [website] [email]

Committed to developing experimental ideas in the fields of art, architecture and education through the design, programming and ongoing operation. We are architects, designers and makers; we are caretakers and maintenance workers; we are curators, programmers and educators.

Studio 5 [college]


Dale Holden [website] [email]

Steel Design and Fabrication

Workroom 4 [college]


Welcoming Australia [website] [email]

With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Welcoming Australia is committed to creating a more welcoming and inclusive Australia.

Room 2 [house]


Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation [website] [email]

The Centre is a space for independent research and experimentation in the fields of dramaturgy and curation. It is a space where you can focus and make time for your research.

Rooms 3 [house]


Room 4 [house]

Free Theatre  [website] [email]

Free Theatre is the collaboration of theatre workers, Pongjit Saphakhun and Richard Barber. The focus of their work is to bring critical discussion into the public sphere through the dialogue theatre method. Current projects include South Sudan Voice, addressing issues of justice, representation, and inter-generational challenges, Clearance by Cappuccino, exploring affordable and public housing issues, and the Free Theatre ensemble.


Room 5 [house]

Dayne Trower Architects [website] [email]

DTA is an architecture studio established in Melbourne, Australia. We celebrate the process of making architecture through building, research and art practice. Our buildings are designed of their place and of their time.


Blakademy  [website] [email]

Blakademy is a dedicated critical indigenous learning space. Blakademy has hot desks for study or group workshops, reading and writing, as well as a large collection of global and local indigenous and non - european diasporic texts (catalogues, monographs, anthologies, magazines).

Room 6 [house]


Room 7 [house]

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages [website] [email]

VACL are focused on retrieving, recording and researching Aboriginal languages and providing a central resource on Victorian Aboriginal Languages with programs and educational tools to teach the Indigenous and wider community about language.