Our resident community


Lightworks Studios [website] [email]

We are a close team of motionographers, sound designers, photographers and projectionists. 

Office 1 [college]


And Also Presents [website] [email]

We develop and support a variety of creative and social equity projects led by women, gender non-conforming and non-binary makers and doers.

Office 2 [college]


Little Projector Company  [website] [email]

We are mobile projection specialists working primarily with councils to bring moving images into public spaces in unconventional ways.

Office 3 [college]


Lemony S Puppet Theatre  [website]

Office 4 [college]


Shogun Lodge

Office 5 [college]


Brigid Hansen  [website]

I am writer-in-residence at Siteworks.


Office 6 [college]


Pollen Studio [website] [email]


Studio 1 [college]


Wlly [website]


Studio 2 [college]


Infinite Shapes [website]

Studio 3 [college]


These Are The Projects We Do Together [website] [email]

We work across design, architecture and art and currently operate Testing Grounds and Siteworks.

Studio 4 [college]


Dale Holden Steel Design [website]


Studio 5 [college]


Boyce and Tart

Room 1 [house]


Welcome to Australia [website]


Room 2 [house]


Moreland Civic Lab

Rooms 3–7  [house]