Our resident community


Light Works Studios [website] [email]

We are a close team of film makers, motionographers, sound designers, photographers and projectionists. 

Office 1 [college]


And Also Presents [website] [email]

We develop and support a variety of creative and social equity projects led by women, gender non-conforming and non-binary makers and doers.

Office 2 [college]


Little Projector Company  [website] [email]

We are mobile projection specialists working primarily with councils to bring moving images into public spaces in unconventional ways.

Office 3 [college]


Lemony S Puppet Theatre  [website] [email]

Lemony S Puppet Theatre is a small, award winning independent theatre company with a big reputation.

Office 4 [college]


Shogun Lodge Services [website] [email]

 Marcus Cook provides tech solutions for artists and their events.

Office 5 [college]


Brigid Hansen  [website] [email]

Writer and curator. Current writer-in-residence at Siteworks.

Office 6 [college]


Pollen Studio [website] [email]

Pollen Studio is a Landscape Architecture studio challenging the conventions of standard design practice. Directors Dan Nunan and Flynn Hart are Landscape Architects with extensive experience in local government and private practice.

Studio 1 [college]


Wlly [website] [email]

We create made to measure women's wear.

Studio 2 [college]


Infinite Shapes [website] [email]

Strategic content.

Studio 3 [college]


These Are The Projects We Do Together [website] [email]

Committed to developing experimental ideas in the fields of art, architecture and education through the design, programming and ongoing operation. We are architects, designers and makers; we are caretakers and maintenance workers; we are curators, programmers and educators. We believe in the importance of public space, freely and equally available to all. Our projects are experiments, driven by these ideas.

Studio 5 [college]


Dale Holden Steel Design and Fabrication [website] [email]

Workroom 4 [college]


Welcome to Australia [website] [email]

With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Welcome to Australia is committed to creating a more welcoming and inclusive Australia.

Room 2 [house]


Moreland Civic Lab [email]

The Moreland Civic Lab was developed in 2016 as an innovation emerging from the activation of Siteworks in Brunswick. It was launched in July 2017 and involves a diverse, multidisciplinary team of professionals working on issues of public importance in a progressive and experimental manner. 

Established in 2016 by Millie Cattlin and Joseph Norster, managers and co-creative directors or Siteworks, The Lab is intended to be a method for collaborating with council and providing benefit to the community in alternative ways, whilst utilising space within the house at 33 Saxon Street through an exchange model.

Rooms 3–7  [house]