What do we care about?

MOU: 12 points for getting along

Nicola Hardy

to the site
Lab members will take care of the site and respect and value the opportunity to be a part of this project. This includes cleaning and general tidiness, reporting any maintenance issues and respecting the historical value of the property, being careful not to damage surfaces or structures. Members will take particular care with security, locking doors etc. Being mindful of environmental concerns such as use of chemicals, recycling, not being wasteful with resources. 

to the members
Lab members will treat each other with dignity and respect, with an emphasis on inclusion. Listening to one another, allowing others to be heard in discussions and giving one another the chance to speak is vital. Respect for diversity within the group is essential, allowing people to have the chance to express themselves regardless of age or experience, providing assistance where applicable, mentoring and encouraging one another, understanding we are a diverse group and each person brings a different gift to the table. With regards to space, each person will be allowed their own area to work. There is no hierarchy regarding space allowance, each person has access to the same rights and use of space regardless of where they are sitting. A basic level of email response or participation will be expected in return for use of the space and this will be reviewed periodically to assess interest in continued participation in the project. 

to the community
Lab members will be encouraged to think locally and welcome community members to participate in projects or events. A way of communicating with community about these events will be developed. Community input, feedback and discussion is welcomed. 


to the council
Lab members welcome council members to the Lab with an emphasis on inclusion and open discussion. Council members are respected and highly regarded. Lab members should be free from political party leanings / be even-handed or non-affiliated with a political party in their decision making or presentations to council.