Management Report

KPI 1 Site use

The site is used regularly by the local community

The nature of this item requires close and consistent observation of the site, its programme and use. It is by necessity anecdotal and relies on professional practice to account for the information. Numbers used are estimates only.

Informal use of open public space estimated at 400 people per week.

The site is regularly and consistently used by locals with informal use of the garden and grounds by local residents and visitors to the area for picnics, walking dogs, events and classes on site and for curiosity. People and families using the outdoor space on their way to and from Brunswick Baths, Brunswick Library and local businesses.

Siteworks has reached the point of convergence amongst the site users and their connected communities. In the hallways, the garden and the kitchen we witness a sharing of ideas, interesting discussions, creative collaborations and professional work across projects and organisations, artists and professionals. 

Events organised by Blak Dot Gallery consistently draw large crowds and diverse community groups for gallery openings, ceremonies, festival events and exhibitions. 

New residents / regular users

Siteworks is delighted to welcome The Elephant in our Room and Dayne Trower Architects, our new long term residents. 

The Elephant in our Room

Elephant In Our Room works with applying creative conflict transformation techniques as a means to navigate difficult conversations in contemporary work environments.

Dayne Trower Architects

DTA is an architecture studio established in Melbourne, Australia. We celebrate the process of making architecture through building, research and art practice. Our buildings are designed of their place and of their time.

Miss Samoa Victoria Inc are currently meeting at Siteworks in preparation for their collaborative exhibition in June, the Leulumoega School of Fine Arts (Samoa) to be exhibited at Black Dot Gallery. They are also in the planning stages of their annual cultural pageant which is in place to empower young Samoan/Australians celebrate the Samoan culture. This years theme is around the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages. 

Since February Lambros Tapinos holds the monthly ALP Bell Street Branch Meeting at Siteworks.

RMIT University’s School of Fashion and Textiles presented Situation Brunswick at Siteworks . A live fashion event featuring a selection of work by Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) 3rd year students. Supported by Moreland City Council, Siteworks and The Masters Institute of Creative Education.

Summary of Report Data

500+ people per week attend events, classes and workshops at Siteworks each week.

The majority of participants are from Moreland, Darebin, Yarra and Melbourne areas.

Over 7 days there is an average of 24 classes per week.

In 6 months Siteworks has hosted 60+ different rehearsals and auditions for theatre/film productions.

16 Artists have been supported with free residency space through Siteworks support of And Also Presents and the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation.

List of events with 80+ people in attendance:

  • Blak Dot Artist Market (March 3)

  • Community Square by MCC for BMF (March 11)

  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) First Years Urban Camp (March 12 - 14 )

  • Freeplay Night Market (May 19 )

  • Blood is Thicker Than Hummus - Performance (May 24 -June 2 )

  • Melbourne Swing Festival (June 7 - 10)

  • Situation Brunswick, RMIT fashion event (June 13)

  • Live music fundraiser for Larry Gurruwiwi & Malawurr (June 29)

  • Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival (July 13 - 27)

  • Living Politics in the City 2 Symposium (July 15)

  • Brunswick Design District Information Session (August 2)

  • Community Conversations about Treaty (August 15)


Booking according to area

KPI 2 Programming

Ensure the space hosts a diverse program of community, social and cultural events to activate the open space and buildings.

The site hosts a diverse range of bookings from groups that engage with people from various interests, language, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The following list is just 10 of all the bookings throughout the site, participant backgrounds include; RMIT, LGBTQIA+, disability, refugee, asylum seeker, First Nations, female identified artists/social workers, community groups, anarchists, people of colour, over 55s, of and spoken word performance. This list does not include the constant use of the site by theatre makers in the form acting classes, rehearsals, auditions and performances.

1 - Situation Brunswick /A live RMIT fashion event

Situation Brunswick is a presentation of site-responsive fashion design collections that highlight relationships between fashion, identity and Brunswick. Inhabiting and studying the area on foot, these designers celebrate vibrancy and flux in Brunswick; the one-night program of fashion presentations includes innovative garments, unique installations, and live performances that respond to the culture and environment of the area.

2 - Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) First Years Urban Camp 

First year RMIT interior Design students explore the production and communication of interior experience over a three day intensive.  

3 - Blak Dot Artist Market 

Free all-inclusive family-friendly event featuring over 30 stalls showcasing the work of artists from local and international Indigenous communities, also free activities and workshops where visitors can engage, learn and create alongside the artists. Discover and take home original artworks and designs, handmade clothing and jewellery, and enjoy an afternoon of live cultural performance, Indigenous music and food

4 - Living Politics in the City 2

ENABLING SPACES: Shifts/ Drifts/ Paradoxes in Contemporary Public Space. A symposium organised by the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies & the School of Design at Swinburne University and the GRIEF Laboratory research centre at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne in collaboration with the University of Rennes 2.

5 - Community Conversations about Treaty

An excellent Treaty conversation was held here last night in workroom 2. On the panel... Uncle Trevor Gallagher, Diana David, CEO of Reconciliation Victoria, Jason Mifsud, Chairperson of the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations. It was moderated by Charles Pakana, Treaty Correspondent 3KND. Each extremely generous in answering questions from the audience and explaining the Treaty processes to date and what lies ahead. Well done to Moreland City Council and Hume Council for their part in organising and Deputy Mayor Cr Mark Riley for answering questions from the panel!

6 - Live music fundraiser for Larry Gurruwiwi & Malawurr

Larry Gurruwiwi with his brothers Vernon and Jason, form the Malawurr band from North East Arnhem Land, Australia. Together they performed ancient Galpu clan songlines (Manikay) and dance ceremonies (Bunggul) carrying thousands of years of stories, tradition and vital knowledge that is deeply connected to the sacred land they live on. From the proceeds they are now on tour in Europe. 

7 - Contemporary Art in Colombia by Laura González Saavedra

The art scene is thriving in Colombia. In trying to overcome a fifty years old war, contemporary art has served as a communication vehicle for notions of recognition, acceptance, healing, resilience, and heritage. Artistic practice has been used as a mechanism for complaint, debate, discourse and social integrity.

8 - Afrikan High Tea

Sista Zai hosts Afrikan High Tea, a poetry, story, readings and beats event. African High Tea has settled at Siteworks for monthly event on the first Sunday of each month in the community room featuring artists and storytellers from the African diaspora. 

9 - Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival

The 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival features more than 60 events over 18 days, with spoken word performances, poetry readings, open mics, slams, workshops, featuring the voices of the local Melbourne poetry scene alongside international and interstate guests. With 31 events with open mic sections, this festival is not just about listening but participating.

10 - Miss Sāmoa Victoria Inc 

Miss Sāmoa Victoria Inc held meetings at Siteworks in preparation for their collaborative exhibition in June, the Leulumoega School of Fine Arts (Samoa) to be exhibited at Black Dot Gallery. They met in the community room for the planning stages of their annual cultural pageant which is in place to empower young Samoan/Australians celebrate the Samoan culture. The pageant theme linked in with the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.

  • Language and Cultural classes

  • Singing and Traditional Music lessons

  • Radio training and preparation for Public Speaking session

  • Pre-pageant Panel Presentations and Q&A (on topics, Culture, Leadership, Language and Education)

  • Runway Walking Masterclass (by Professional Runway Coach)

  • Development of Women in Leadership Activities Discussion.

  • Development of a Language Program/Classes Discussion

  • Pacific Islands/Samoan Community Feedback Session.

  • Development of Future Arts Programs for the Pacific Community Discussion.

We received this feedback from the main organisers of Miss Samoa Victoria:

‘Siteworks was invaluable to us, in both the lead up to the pageant and post-activities. We were proud to invite members of our Pacific community into Brunswick and to engage in other activities happening throughout the community eg. Blak Dot Gallery as well as other events in the Moreland City Council. It was valuable in how it was inspiring our community to nurture great relationships with council communities that they may not have built before or had exposure to.

Without the assistance of Siteworks, our pageant would not have been possible, we would not have had enough funding or monetary support in order to deliver our programs that are volunteer driven – Without Siteworks, we would not have been able to showcase our program throughout ABC Radio Australia and across our Social Media Platforms – we would not have been able to receive feedback from other council areas who were impressed with the work that was happening out of the support of Siteworks as well as having the opportunity for us to use the space to develop and look towards the future of developing beneficial programs that help us showcase our culture and share it with the wider community.

Our platform has grown since being part of Siteworks, it is because of access and support by the Siteworks team, that we not only inspire our own community in developing positive activations, it also inspires other community groups from the Pacific (and other Multicultural groups) to come together and work towards uplifting ourselves, celebrating our lives in the Moreland City Council – and giving back to the community for all the support that they have shown us.’


Estimated numbers of people attending events and activities.

On regular basis we estimate that for scheduled bookings an average of 500 participants per week attend events and activities on site.

We estimate form February - August there have been:

  • 50+ public events 

  • average of 27 classes/week over the 7 days

  • 37+ different rehearsals for theatre/film productions

  • 8+ student/independent film shoots 

  • 15+ photoshoots

Ongoing weekly classes and activities:

  • Swing dance sessions 

  • 14 different acting/performance classes for kids, teens and adults

  • Dance and theatre for people with disabilities 

  • Mindfulness for kids

  • Program of varying classes from U3A Moreland

  • Tarantella Dance classes

  • Dog training

  • Crafting classes

  • Laneway Learning various classes

  • Capoeira sessions

  • Strength & conditioning with Women*s Circus

  • 2 stringed instruments music sessions

  • Fitted for Work / to get women job ready 

Semi regular workshops/events:

  • Midsumma Festival

  • Fringe Festival - Critical Mass

  • 6+ exhibitions/events/studios of RMIT, Deakin Uni, Melbourne Uni Students

  • RMIT First Year Design Urban Camp 

  • 5+ theatre performances

  • Meeting space for African diaspora 

  • 2 week long yoga workshops

  • Cranio-sacral osteopathy teacher training

  • Afrikan High Tea 

  • Melbourne Design Week symposium

  • Workshops for Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival

  • Emerging Minds workshops

  • Miss Samoa Victoria program


KPI 3 Operations

Use of the site is accessible, safe, clean and affordable for community groups and individuals.

The gates to the grounds are open 11 hours (9am - 8pm) a day 7 days a week . The grounds are regularly maintained and locals are welcomed daily. 

The College building and Sherwood house are cleaned daily. Principles and procedures can be viewed in the Ops Manual.

Siteworks has been making improvements around the grounds over the past 6 months. Taking cultural acknowledgement into consideration when designing way finding that incorporated local language. We engaged with the Wurundjeri Council to translate words from our external posters as a contribution to the Year of Indigenous Languages. Along with small details like ‘Djillawah” for toilet and a not so subtle pink neon “WOMINJEKA’ on the small shipping container as people enter from Saxon Street.

The site is accessible to the best of our ability and the existing physical restriction of the building stock. We keep in communication with group organisers to ensure they have the accessible information needed for their participants whilst taking on board feed back, improving where possible. 

In June we paved a section of ground at the end of the ramp to improve wheel chair access to the toilets at the rear of Sherwood House. This was in response to feed back received from wheel chair users that the loose stones were difficult to traverse. 

Since November 2018 workroom 3 has been a co-working space with desk spaces available for $50/week or $10/day to accomodate low incomes and time poor people. Preference is given to female identified and non - binary people. 

The main College Building hourly room hire rates have not been increased since July 1 2018. The rates still is below the standard council and commercial rates and receive ongoing feedback that the costs are affordable and accessible. See table 5 for current pricing of all short term hire rooms. 

Listed Community Groups from the City of Moreland access the Community Room and the Common Room in Sherwood House for free, comparable to some council meeting room rates are $14/hour for community groups. These groups are found in the Moreland Online Community Directory on the Moreland City Council website. 


Rates are the same 7 days a week

Community Room 1
$10 / $7.5 / Free access for Moreland listed community groups

Development Space
$15 / $11.25

Workroom 1
$20 / $15

Workroom 2
$25 / $18.75

Workroom 5
$18 / $13.5

Workroom 6
$20 / $15

Workroom 7
$20 / $15


Access to longer term bookings (of more than 4-weeks) is open and transparent.

Process and selection criteria established and agreed with MCC

KPI 4 is evidenced by management plan within Siteworks Programming ambitions.

The ambitions of Saxon Street programming are directly linked to the ambitions of the project as set out by Moreland Council in the form of the KPIs for the project over the five-year life span.

As the project develops, programming ambitions will align with the various types of accommodation available on site and in the response to the needs of the community. 

Mark Scruby of Infinite Shapes has moved on to a local co-working space after 2 years at Siteworks.

Massage Site has folded up due to injury.

The below are accepted applicants from February - August  2019;

  • Elephant In Our Room

August 1 move in date. 

Elephant In Our Room works with applying creative conflict transformation techniques as a means to navigate difficult conversations in contemporary work environments. Siew Fang Law and Richard Barber have initiated this project to provide workshops, research, and partnerships to support improving workplace cultures.

  • Dayne Trower Architects

July 1 move in date.

Dayne Trower Architects is an architecture studio established in Melbourne, Australia. We celebrate the process of making architecture through building, research and art practice. Our buildings are designed of their place and of their time.

Table 7 below is the updated list and descriptions of current Siteworks residents.


Selection based on the following Six (6) section criteria: 

  • Preference will be given to small 3-5 people or establishing businesses.

  • Preference will be given to organisations working in creative or cultural industries.

  • Preference will be given to organisations or individuals living within the City of Moreland.

  • Preference will be given to organisations representing or working with culturally diverse communities.

  • Preference will be given to organisations or individuals with a publicly engaged practice.

  • Preference will be given to organisations or individuals willing to actively participate in the cultural life of Siteworks, including monthly lunches, community days and actively promote the project and the site as a community space of value to Moreland City Council.

On a weekly basis we receive 3-7 requests for longer term access to suitable rooms from. The majority of enquires are creative industry professionals. 

Interest comes from the below individuals/groups in order of demand;

  • Office space for creative industry

  • Craft based artists

  • Visual artists

  • Editing suite

  • Full time rehearsal and performance education

  • Office space for private business / NFP (average 8 person)

  • Furniture designers

  • Singing/ musical lessons

  • Counselling/psychotherapy rooms

  • Treatment space for bodywork i.e massage

KPI 5 Networking and Relationships

Contribute to the network of organisations that form part of the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct.

Attend and participate, where appropriate, in initiatives that integrate and promote the activities of organisations in the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct.

Siteworks and Blak Dot Gallery have developed a symbiotic relationship with regularly support in event, grounds and community projects. Blak Dot Gallery has started a new contra agreement with Siteworks by establishing the Blak Academy in Sherwood house.

Siteworks actively contributes to the network of organisations within the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct by providing free/low cost room access to partners within the precinct. Actively supporting through our social media platforms, precinct partner’s events, news, program and activities. Siteworks staff regularly attending precinct partner’s events and activities. 

Provide hub leadership evidenced by quarterly meetings by actively contributing in and hosting meetings.

Siteworks, Blak Dot Gallery and Lightworks Studio curate and deliver an annual free community outdoor cinema for the month of February. 

Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick Mechanics Institute and Siteworks has worked together for the second year to present Critical Mass which which will include the work of 30+ artists over the three venues as part of Melbourne Fringe 2019.  

Siteworks continues to support the Brunswick Mechanics institute with supporting artists with rehearsal space especially during renovations.

Siteworks worked with Brunswick Music Festival to help facilitate their program on the grounds of Siteworks, The High Tide Pool Party and A community Square was held on site in March.  

We have shared and actively encouraged women who are regular site users to apply for Moreland City Council’s Democracy Lab. One of which has been successful.