Light Works Studios

For the next 4 years Light Works Studios are documenting Siteworks through monthly focus films and quarterly highlights films. See Vimeo channel here




November 2016


Held in a different location every year the exhibition is always a unique event that should not be missed.

Each year the work of fourth year graduates is showcased at INDEX. The exhibition provides a public expression of the ideas which shape the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) program at RMIT University — interiors conceived of as event, emphasising their temporal and spatial nature, and as designs that bring us into close relations with materials and with each other. Held in a different location every year, each INDEX is a unique event that responds to specific qualities of its site.

Students collaborate with staff, graphic designers, builders and lighting professionals to plan, design, build and curate the exhibition and a program of public events.


September 2016



German architecture collective RAUMLABORBERLIN collaborates with students from RMIT University’s School of Architecture and Design and young creatives from Melbourne’s refugee and migrant community and runs a two-week design and construct intensive. The aim is to build a temporary pop-up structure that acts as a stage for cross-cultural engagement and a catalyst for social inclusion – a guesthouse. It is a practice-led investigation into how design might be leveraged to generate social cohesion at the local scale. 

LGPro Place Managers Forum

July 2016


Forum for a network for Local government of place managers responsible for managing a town centre, or implementing activity centre policy on behalf of Councils. It meets every two-three months, with meetings hosted by different Councils. 

    That Inspires Respect

    December 2016


    That Inspires Respect is an arts and education project which brings youth into contact with the value of respect required to ensure violence against women is eliminated from society for good. The aim of the project is to drive a strong message of prevention of violence through respect, bringing young voices out to the public at a critical age of development and building relationships.

    In 2016 students, from four secondary schools from the Moreland and Hume Council areas, teamed up with filmmakers to collaboratively write and produce short films with messages of respect. These films were screened for the first time to a public audience at Siteworks, and was followed by a panel discussion and a QandA.

    Kunghah Retreat

    November 2016


    Sistergirls, brotherboys and gender-diverse Aboriginal Australians from around the country have come together to share stories of culture, identity and struggle.

    The retreat was developed by the Victorian government following the successful 2015 Victorian Koorie Youth Summit, where an in-depth consolation was held which discussed ways to service Victoria's Aboriginal community.

    “Strong communities value and celebrate a range of differences, this is what makes Victoria such a welcoming and diverse place to live,” said Minister for Equality Martin Foley to the Star Observer.

    Read ABC News Article here By Margaret Burin

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    June-July 2016



    MKA in association with Doppelgangster present HOT!HOT!HOT! Festival, a contemporary, climate-responsive, performance and art festival. 

    A synthesis of the diverse: extreme, experimental, activist/academic, speculative/progressive; supported by a cast of collaborators HOT!HOT!HOT! has two core members: Tobias Manderson-Galvin and Dr Tom Payne.

    Workroom 02 was used as a performance space with a 4m x 6m stage built at the east end of the room. The main corridor within the college was used for displaying artworks and a ticket sales booth. Workroom 05 was used as an office for the event staff. The administrative wing of the college, including an office (picture above) a lift shaft and an old darkroom were used for small scale performances. A 20 foot shipping container occupied part of the grounds, in front of the canteen. The container was used as a stage (image above).


    August 2016


    More than 200 delegates gathered for the event, inspired to ignite local action on climate change. Attendees included representatives from state and local government, business leaders, renewable energy experts, climate campaigners, students and community members.

    More than 50 speakers from amongst Australia’s most active contributors across the energy sector were involved in the Spark 2016 plenary sessions and workshops.

    Deep Time Becoming

    July - November 2016


    'A new sense of amazement at the wonder of planet earth is required: What can we do, how can we know — and to what extent are the two connected?'

    The indivisible concatenation of industrial metabolism, climate change, urbanisation, soil erosion and the extinction of species, as well as a new social (self-) consciousness have shown: The rapid reformation of cause and effect, means and end, quality and quantity requires a new approach to the world which is not governed by postmodern discourse, but material interconnections and processes—from the accumulation of plastics into artificial islands in the ocean, to the particularity of a speck of dust on its way from the Sahara to the Brazilian rainforest . We have entered the Anthropocene!

    The Anthropocene is a proposed new geologic epoch, which states that human activities are having such significant global impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems that we have tipped into a new geologic epoch.

    Studio leader - Louisa King,