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xDiscipline: a practical problem-solving conference


xDiscipline is a design event focusing on building our own problem-solving skills by learning from people in different careers to our own.

In our work we deal with Big Problems. Problems of inequity. Problems of sustainability. Problems of human nature.

When I'm looking for solutions, I often find I'm most inspired by learning about the work of people in completely different fields to mine.

How does a politician’s chief-of-staff champion social change?

How does a Neighbours actor do behavioural science?

For one Sunday afternoon, we’re going to go "cross-discipline".

And then we’ll go to the pub.

What will happen at xDiscipline?

We’ll give you a chance to influence the direction of the day’s conversation. I might even warm you up with some drawing.

Our guests, political consultant Tanja Kovac and actor/writer/science communicator Geoff Paine, will introduce themselves and their work.

We’ll break into groups and you'll take part in conversations and activities with them. Tanja, Geoff and our facilitators will challenge your thinking, teach you new skills and get you working on your own problems and challenges.

We'll take a breather, have a think and wrap everything up with a final panel conversation.

Then we'll scoop up everything we've learned into graphic artefacts you can take home with you.

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