Siteworks is located at 33 Saxon Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056.
Located off Dawson Street, parallel to Sydney Road. Via Tram #19, the site is a two minute walk from Glenlyon or Dawson Street stops.



Siteworks is managed and operated by These Are The Projects We Do Together Pty Ltd (The Projects) – an architecture and design practice with a primary interest in public space, public programs and associated infrastructures. 

The practice is interested in research-driven occupations of site and how this can be translated into valuable and meaningful lessons with regard to future uses of site. 

Joseph Norster
Creative director / program manager

Millie Cattlin
Architect / design director


Developing programs
Developing and running public programs alongside built projects is something that interests the practice. The practice has extensive experience running programs that are integrated with designed and built outcomes, for a range of clients including Creative Victoria, Federation Square as well as many Councils throughout Australia. 

Ongoing engagement
Traditionally, a design practice concludes its involvement with a project upon design delivery. The Projects, however, remains involved with further stages such as assembly, delivery, creative and community programming and infrastructure maintenance. This process of ongoing engagement is particularly relevant to the management and delivery of the project.

Long-range site observation
This approach means that the site visit and site analysis are an ongoing process that happens day after day. As the practice embeds itself into the site, close observation of the site and its characteristics become critical to daily activities.