Theatre as Play: from Play to Text to Stage with Fabio Motta


The aim of this class is for the participants to get in touch with their pleasure, find freedom in their work, give them the tools to work physically, generate meaning, take risks and make new discoveries about themselves in a scene or monologue. Even more importantly, to share this enjoyment with an audience. This work helps us move towards an inspired and free-from-inhibition performance.

Games for the theatre has become an integral component in most theatre training establishments throughout the world, used not only in the rehearsal process but also as a way of preparing the actor to be creative. Le Jeu (the French word for “play”) sets out to let our participants discover the fun of being an actor and the pleasure of being on stage in front of an audience. Le Jeu is at the core of any actor's performance and in their making.

Workroom 1
7pm - 9pm
October 16 - December 4