Laneway Learning: DIY Perfume: Scent of Spring


Love the idea of making your own handcrafted signature scent? As we move into Spring the season of new beginnings we will explore and learn about the different scents and classifications and use these to guide us to make a beautiful and refreshing Spring signature scent. We will share examples of different classification of oils like woody, floral and herbaceous essential oils and then get hands on.

What we will cover?

We’ll get a little technical about making perfume but mostly we’ll use our sense of smell to help us make a beautiful handcrafted scent.  We will learn how to blend essential oils and other natural ingredients for aromatic enjoyment in easy to follow steps.  You will make your own perfume roll on and your own perfume spray bottle to wear or gift..

Workroom 5
6:15- 7:30pm & 8 - 9.15pm
August 27