Laneway Learning: Afrocolombian Moves


A 75min intro class to screen printing including a lovely tote bag

Longer: Afrocolombian Dance class is a mix of rhythms and movements characteristic of the pacific and Caribbean people in Colombia. These rhythms are influenced by African dance and indigenous rhythms. The Afro-Colombian music is based on percussion, marimba, shakers and songs that tell stories. The Main dances are Cumbia, Currulao and Bullerengue. This class is a cultural trip, to the Afro-Colombian folklore mixed with Afro-beats and workout. It is for all levels and for those that are interested in world music and different culture. You are all welcome to this cultural journey.

Workroom 1 or 5 or 7
6.15pm - 7.30pm and 8pm - 9.15pm (two sessions)
Starts May 21