African/Kemetic Yoga with Qawaq


Nigerian Yoga teacher Qawaq Aaliyah invites you to discover Yoga from an African perspective. 

Kemetic Yoga is a slower paced practice, essentially it is a moving meditation in essence, with an emphasis on re-connection to breath. Those who enjoy Tai chi and Chi gong will really appreciate and resonate with this Yoga style. We aim to create relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and realignment in our bodies.

If you want to improve your overall health and learn tangible tools and knowledge that can help you to cultivate your own healing from the inside out, then this class is just what you need.

This is a safe space for self exploration and healing so please come as you are and experience what Kemetic Yoga can offer you.

Hotep. Ankh. Udjah. Seneb.

Peace. Life. Prosperity. Health 

Workroom 5
6pm - 7pm
March 25 on-going

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